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To build a better world we must move beyond our limitations and change our view of reality. We can't solve our problems by remaining the same. When we become more Holodynamic we view reality as a coherent, dynamic, living, holographic information system. Consciousness is considered a prime condition of the universe. Science now shows that the universe is one, whole dynamic information system. It's Holodynamic.

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By Dr V Vernon Woolf


From this view we realize that consciousness is not limited to this single space-time continuum that we experience through our senses. It emerges from parallel dimensions giving form to everything (every situation is driven by potential) and every person has a hyperspacial counterpart (the Full Potential Self). Your Full Potential Self gives your body form and communicates directly within the microtubules of every living cell in your body. It underlies all bodily functions. It's a two-way street. You have information coming from your Full Potential Self and from your senses.

The way consciousness forms into patterns of behavior can be more clearly understood in terms of holodynes that are self-organizing information systems that form among the water molecules of your microtubules. Holodynes are like computer programs that control your patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions. In order to build a better world you must transform your holodynes. It's like changing your computer screen. You must change your programs.

It's not a simple task because our collective field of consciousness influences everything we do. We have learned to act as a team and it is this collectiveness that often causes us to go to war, get sick and act in immature ways toward each other. It can even cause our entire financial system to collapse. In order to transform the collective, we must step out of time literally, transform the programs of the past (that don't work anymore) and also bring the future into the present. Change requires a Holodynamic perspective. We know because we have done it and we want to share this information with you because we are now facing the greatest challenge ever faced by the human race: extreme climate change. To meet this challenge we must raise above all our little concerns of the past and become Holodynamic. Want more information?

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The WORKSHOP is a combination of five sequential courses on consciousness: beginning at the micro level and progressing through to the macro (a better world). It's about a one-to-one relationship with the world in which we live; how to solve problems; transforming consciousness; and how to implement the changes needed to build a better world. To register for the WORKSHOP click here.

Be assured, this is about the greatest game on the planet - how to transform consciousness - and we must all become good at it in order to survive as a species

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